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société industrielle

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société industrielle

Operating in the niche of precision engineering, the Society of Engineers for Business (SIAF) has an advanced machinery and technical expertise able to fully assume their duties. It has diversified into sectors by becoming innovative provider of Tunisian and foreign companies operating in Tunisia. Focus on a company that is strengthening its structures while expanding its customer portfolio.

Founded in 1994, SIAF wanted to gather the largest number of engineers in order to serve the Tunisian industry in terms of advanced technology. A drawing office was established to provide training to industrial enterprises. Within this structure, the company has engaged in research and development in industrial data processing, CMO (computer mediated communication), CAD (computer-aided draft) and CAM (computer-aided manufacturing) in particular.

In 1998, SIAF chose to focus on industrial production and specifically precision machining of individual parts and series.

By strengthening its structures and its means of production, SIAF was able to extend the range of areas of its business to cover mainly the following skills:

Digital control machining,
Training of technical  executives
Drawing office

SIAF has already set two goals for the near future

- Provide services and products to a wide range of export customers .
- Obtaining ISO 9001 certification, currently being prepared.



société industriel
société industriel
société industrielle